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We are indoor vertical aquaponic farmers.

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Aquaponic farming takes a little more effort, but we’re proud to grow our cannabis naturally.
Here’s how our fish and plants work together to give you the best of both worlds!


Great Cannabis Starts With the Right Food


We feed our fish carefully customized diets to keep them happy and healthy!


After the fish eat their five-star meals, their (cough) “byproducts” (cough) are converted by microbes in our biofilters into completely natural plant fertilizer.


We flow our fertilizer over the roots of our plants giving them everything they need to grow. As the plants take what they need from the fertilizer, they leave fresh, clean water for the fish.


The clean water is brought back into the fish tanks, and the cycle starts over again!


The New-Brunswick Advantage 

Supportive government - Low electrical rates - Qualified workforce 


Saint Stephen new brunswick- "The middle of everywhere" 

In the globally emerging cannabis economy, Saint Stephen New Brunswick truly does live up to its mantra of being in "the middle of everywhere."



100,000 sq. ft. building on 29 acres.

Our farm

30 Progress Dr,
Saint Stephen, NB E3L 5Y9